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07 - USA

Sedona to Mexican Border  -  30/09/03 - 07/10/03


Next day we headed for the 89a. Glen from Shelter Cove told us we just had to do this road, so off we went to find it. It was really gorgeous, winding through the Oak Creek Canyon. We stopped in Sedona for the night, which is a really lovely town. Its very hippy, there's lots of new age energy round there. Its all in the rocks apparently. We went for a walk round the town and there was a guy walking round in spurs. He just seemed to be wandering around in and out of all the shops and restaurants, saying Hi to everyone. We think he was paid to walk around in his spurs - kerchink, kerchink, kerchink, to make the place feel authentic. 

We have the bike booked in for a full service in San Diego, so have decided to go for it and get there tomorrow. We have lots of stuff we want to get sorted out before we go to Mexico.

Day Spa for the bike

The Journey here was so hot. We were crossing the dessert though so I guess we should have expected it.  We went down the 95 to Yuma; it was the hottest 100 miles ever. There is a military proving ground right in the middle, what a hellish place to work. We crawled into a MacDonaldís at the junction with the interstate and drank two buckets of coke. As we were leaving we got chatting to a guy how lived locally. We were asking him if it would get cooler near the coast and told him where we had come from. He said "wow, thatís courageous". Not really, just tourists who didn't know any better. Off we went down the interstate the thermometer still at 44 degrees. An hour later we started up through the mountains. Within 10 minutes the temperature had dropped 10 degrees, when we reached San Diego it was about 24, it was so nice.

Richard and Captain Simpson

We have spent the last couple of days getting ourselves organised to go to Mexico. We have stuff to post home, and have been making use of the hotel internet to do research etc. We have to get insurance for Mexico but having asked around it seems that we get that just before the border. Then its immigration for our tourist cards and customs for the vehicle permit. Not sure how long it will all take but hopefully on a Monday morning it won't be to bad. The bike has had its service; all is well, new fluids, new brake pads and new boots so we're all set. Tomorrow we are going to see Laird, who we met in Canada, and his family. They are very kindly putting us up for the night and then we'll head off to Mexico! Just heard on the news that Roy of Siegfried & Roy has been attacked by one of his white tigers. I bet they shoot the tiger!

Andrea and Cole

On our way to Laird's we stopped at a coffee shop, as we were a little early and knew they were on their way back from their house in Baja. We met so many people there we ended up being late! The most entertaining was Captain Simpson. He told us all about where to go in Baja and the best places to camp with an R.V, which was very useful. He was a great old guy though and told us many tales of all his friends whose names he couldn't remember. He had an English father, a Navajo mother and an amazing array of swear words. We had a very enjoyable hour with him.

 We ended up spending two nights at Lairds. It was great to see him again and to meet his family. Andrea, his wife, is great and their little boy Cole is just gorgeous.

Also part of the family are Jeb & Beau, two huge English Mastiffs. Huge but completely soppy. We had two very comfy nights in the tallest bed ever. Laird is motor mad. We have never seen so many different types of vehicle in one drive. A boat, dune buggy, quad bike, two motorbikes, van for the dogs and the regular cars of course. We took a spin round the block on the quad bike which was great fun. Richard and Laird needed the extra day just to talk about all their "stuff"!

Laird, the dogs and us

Bike back from service with some extra power!


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