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Teotihuacán  -  19/12/03 - 21/12/03

Pyramid of the Moon

So our first stop back on the road was Teotihuacán. It's a huge and amazing ancient site with the third largest pyramid in the world.

We found a place to stay but only for one night. It was really close to the site so we walked over to explore.

The pyramids here are so different to Egypt. The whole site is incredible and the Avenue of the Dead, which is 2km long and ends with the pyramid of the moon, is an amazing sight. The pyramids themselves though really can't be compared to Egypt. The pyramid of the sun is immense and the third largest in volume but only half the height of the Pyramid of Cheops, which is truly breathtaking.

They also have a very human quality about them. They are tiered and have steps built in to them and people all over them. You can see how they were constructed too. They don't seem to hold the same mystery.

Avenue of the Dead

We climbed the Pyramid of the Moon and the view down the Avenue of the Dead and seeing the true extent of the site was quite awe-inspiring.

The next day we had to move hotels before going back to the site. Having got lost in the town we found the place we were looking for and tried to check in. It was a hotel but with a motel behind which had garages, perfect for the bike we thought. We had a great deal more misunderstanding with the guy than we have had for a long time. Really couldn't get the price and he seemed to think it very odd that we wanted to see the room.

No rooms were ready so we had to wait about ten minutes.

We took all our stuff in and were just beginning to think the room looked a little odd when R flicked the TV on....... ah ha. Now we understand! No cupboards, no drawers, no chairs, phone glued to the bedside table and TV remote built in to the wall. The rate was quoted hourly!!

Well it was spotlessly clean, had a big comfy bed, a garage, very secure and condoms on 24hr room service!

Pyramid of the Sun


We spent the rest of the day climbing pyramids and mooching around the ancient things. It was a gorgeous day, really warm which was great as we had been really cold the night before. The temperature really drops at night and that night we were freezing, again. I had twice as many clothes on in bed than I've worn in ages and it wasn't just me being a wuss. Richard wore his fleece all night and was still cold!

Next morning R was checking over the bike and found something stuck in the tire. Couldn't tell if it was a stone or the head of a nail! We also discovered that our mini compressor was a slight casualty of the bike falling over. The connector was broken. We couldn't stand another night in the freezing motel so decided not to pull and to wing it to Oaxaca.

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