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Campeche  -  27/12/03 - 30/12/03

Campeche was the next stop, a colonial town on the Gulf of Mexico. As we got to the coast we had to cross a lagoon. The bridge looked like it was under construction so we were a little tentative but there was actually a way through when you got up close. And there was the Gulf of Mexico - cool! We turned right along the coast, past another military check point and the road works continued. About fifty meters further on we realized that the road was actually going to disappear. It started to go up as if to a bridge and then just stopped leaving a precipice. Luckily we were able to turn round but then had to go down a steep slope to the actual road which was pretty narrow and had Lorries coming the other way. Bit of a bump and an eek and we were off. Think the soldiers might have warned us eh?

We drove in along the seafront which is all new and has shops, cinemas and several empty plots. It reminded us both of New Brighton. Found a room with a bath - I lay in it for two hours!

The centre is lovely, the Cathedral right on the square and lots of beautiful old houses. It was a walled city to protect it from pirates and some parts of it are still standing.

We went up the hill to a Spanish fort which is in perfect condition and that reminded us of St. Mawes. The sea's a lot bluer though.

There's a small museum in the fort which has some amazing jade masks found in Mayan graves. They are mosaic, very intricate and stunning.

We had a meal overlooking the square and I decided to have the local specialty which is Camarones a la Coco. Prawns in coconut. It was delicious, I shall have to try and recreate it when I get home.

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