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Xcalak to Chetumal  -  02/01/04 - 13/01/04

We weren't sure where to go that afternoon. There was another site at Tulum but in the end we decided to miss it out and go on to a place further south we had read about.

It was a bit of a chance as it is about 100ks off the main road and if we found nowhere to stay we'd have to come all the way back and probably go on quite a bit further before we found anywhere.

Tierra Maya beach - Xcalak

We arrived in the town of Xcalak at about 4.30pm and followed a dirt road north to where we found two or three very small hotels.

The first place was full but much to out relief the next had just one room left.

And here we are now. It's just perfect. There's only six rooms all looking out on to a private beach and the Caribbean!! We took a kayak out this morning and jumped off to snorkel with the fish. The sea is so clear and the coral and the fish are just beautiful.

Getting back in to the kayak was a bit of a laugh, but we feel we managed it quite elegantly. Luckily we think we had no onlookers. Not sure though as we have been spying on others with our monocular from the balcony, hee, hee!   

The food here is great, grilled fish, shrimp or steak. Good job as there's no where else to go!!.....

......We have ended up staying here for a week, it's just so heavenly! Have been out snorkeling everyday and seen all sorts of fish. We even saw two squid which are very rare here. They were so pretty. I've never seen one swimming before, they have huge eyes and sort of tip their heads down and look at you like they're sussing you out. Good job coz I was thinking what nice calamari they would make!

Our second time out in the kayak we made complete idiots of ourselves trying to get back in. First attempt, I was in but R managed to tip me out as he got in ending up back in the water himself. I got in again and somehow then managed to tip out all by myself. I think I got my fin caught in something as I was trying to turn round.

We were laughing so much I kept sinking.

I got in again and then as R was getting in a big wave came up and  tipped the whole thing over. So I hit the water ear first for the third time. We had to grab the paddles quick and then retrieve the snorkel gear from the bottom of the sea.

At last we both got back in, completely exhausted.

Show me the fish!

We have had no trouble at all since then, I've no idea what was going on. It must have been very funny to watch, but luckily everyone seems to have been busy and missed it.

We have been made very welcome here by Dietmar & Tom who own the hotel. Having many long conversations. They are both spearfishermen and Dietmar runs a spear manufacturing company in Florida. R borrowed a spear to pose on the pier. Dietmar thought it was so funny he thought he might use a shot in his catalogue. How not to spear fish that is!

They have the best two dogs here called Kai and Nicky. Kai carries a conch shell around at all times and loves launching herself off the dock to retrieve it from the sea. If you throw it out far enough she has to dive for it. It's so funny to see her wagging tail disappear under the waves. If it's shallow she walks along on her hind legs feeling for it with her head just sticking out. They are both so friendly and Nicky takes every opportunity she can to lick your feet and knees.

We must go tomorrow, but this will definitely be on the list of places to return. We have discovered our kind of beach holiday.

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