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Oh, Baby how the free birds fly!


Panama Canal


You can't come in.


Through the lock gates


In the lock


Us, by Dan.


King of the world! (found his camera case)


A tight spot


Containing what??


Bike & ship


New Panama City from the old


Puenta de las Americas


Old Town


Panama Canal Monument


The man who built the canal




Old Town


Old Town


Presidential parking spot




Cool bike


Golden altar


Church window


Old Town


Wonky building


Panama City


Self Portrait


City from hotel


He'd had a few days off the beer!


Us, by Dan once more.


Man, bike & canal.


Crossing canal at Gamboa




" Bet I get your bike in Bogota" ha ha ha!


On the way to customs


Dan & Kathy ( Blue Steel!)


Revolutionary biscuit.


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