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26 - ECUADOR - Quito

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Back....Safe & Sound.




Purple People Eater???


Hurrah for the Easter Parade!


Chains of guilt


"Jesus, that looks heavy!"


Spangly Hats


Serious Stuff.


Sugar Cones?


Too Cute


Mrs O'Grady


Miles & Miles.


Lets go the other way


Catedral de San Francsico


Our trerrace - with Trys


A cheek on either side!


Must have picture - by Dan


The real Equator




The bike eating trip - Dan & Brian


The Master with his work


Dan & the lovely girls


Colesy & JB


The Basilica


Basilica window


The Virgin


Art eh?


Not scared really






Clock Tower


Nearly there?


I really am very happy here.


Over the roof


Just madness


My Hubby takes some cool pics eh?


What we just walked over.


Plaza de la Independencia


Ecuador Flag


How much gold?


Plaza de la Independencia


Virgin from Plaza de San Fransisco


1 sole


Convent de San Fransisco


Behind the bar - how irresponsible!


Masterpiece complete!


Goodbye to Trys & Jake


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