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29 - PERU - Chiclayo to Huaraz

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Fishing nets - Huanchaco




Caballitos de Tortora


Little thing!


Pyramid of the Sun - Trujillo


Mud bricks for restoration


Pyramid decoration - original


Pyramid decoration


Pyramid decoration


Pyramid of the Moon


Sugar Beat harvest


Huanchaco beach


Caballitos & St Peter's boat


St.Peter arrives!




St.Peter on his way out


Back to shore


Plaza de Armas - Trujillo




Justin & Freinds


Huanchaco Pier


Sleeping Puppy


Carving at Huaca de Arco - Rainbow


Virango Dog, orh, no hair!!


Chan Chan - Grande Plaza


Our guide


Chan Chan


Chan Chan - Fishing net representation


Fresh water lagoon - Chan Chan


Wooden Idol


Carvings - Ruins of Sechin


Sechin - near Casma


Tough water crossing!


Road to Huaraz


Preparing to jump!!


On our way down


Huaraz in the valley




Shoe cleaning


The revolting teachers!


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