Hi, and welcome to our site. This site is primarily a way of keeping family and friends back home informed of where we are and what we are up to - a kind of cyber postcard. However we also hope it can be of use to any one else thinking of taking such a trip.  J&R

6th December 2004

We're on our way home! Flights are booked and all going well we will pick the bike up in Madrid on the 20th December, ride through Spain and France and hopefully arrive back in the UK on the 23rd, all dramatic in time for Xmas.

We have done lots of miles since we last updated the site and are now in southern Argentina. Hoping we can get the site all done so it comes home with us but there's a lot to do.

Here are four diary and gallery entries (32 to 35), taking us up to Bolivia, covering Cusco, Machu Picchu and the whole impounding fiasco. Check out the Links page we have added the sites of two of the guys we have met on the road, JB & Colsey. We have also updated all the maps including a new Trip so far map and don't forget the Guestbook! ........more soon.


16th October 2004

No new stuff this time, just to let everyone know we are out!!!

It took another whole day in Puno customs and another hour at the border but finally we were free. Four weeks and one day later.

We crossed in to Bolivia to the gorgeous town of Copacabana on Lake Titicaca. Found somewhere to stay, found Dan and had a beer or two.......

We are now in La Paz having crossed the lake on the scariest ferry yet, much relieved and very happy to be back on the road.

We will head south tomorrow and speed up our trip somewhat. We still have lots we want to see before we head home in time for Christmas from Santiago, Chile.

Thanks again for all your messages of support, it really helped when we were feeling so miserable.


9th October 2004

Humming Bird - Nasca

Two more diaries and galleries (30 & 31)........we're getting quite carried away with ourselves!!

We have finally paid our fine. Only took two whole days before they could decide how and where. Ended up with the assistant to the head of customs for the whole of Peru running round with us trying to find a bank who could take the payment before they all closed for a bank holiday weekend.

So it's done............

We fly back to Puno on Monday. They know we're on our way, they know we can have our bike back..............we'll see what happens.

So fingers crossed it will be Bolivia on Tuesday, but we're not assuming anything.

Thanks again for all your kind messages.


6th October 2004

Road to Huaraz

The first two diary and gallery entries (28 & 29) for Peru are now up.

Thanks to every one who has contacted us with messages of support and help. It has been a real boost. We are glad to report that the Embassy have been brilliant in keeping the pressure on Peru customs. We now have in our hands a resolution letter that will free the bike. The only problem is we have to pay a fine ($670.26...Ouch!). This of course is a vast improvement on "you will never see your bike again!"

So today we set about paying the fine only to discover that no one knows where to pay it! We were really hoping to get back to Puno and recover the bike and get to Bolivia for the weekend, as our tourist visas run out on Saturday. But now it is all up in the air again. We are hoping some one will tell us where to pay tomorrow. Matters are complicated by the fact that it is a holiday here on Friday.

So we shall wait and see.

In the mean time enjoy the new stuff and we will carry on the updating.


Pan-American Highway at it's finest.

2nd October 2004

Ok, we have now added two diary entries and two new galleries that cover Ecuador. Peru is on it's way....we may even get up to date!

The Embassy have given us a small glimmer of hope regarding getting the bike back. We will know more on Monday. Not counting our chickens yet!

Thanks for all the messages of support, it really helps.



Lake Umayo near Lake Titicaca

30th September 2004

We have had our motorcycle impounded by Peru customs!!!!!

Our legendary tardiness has finally caught up with us. After a fantastic time in Peru we tried to leave for Bolivia on the 14th September. Unfortunately the Carnet de Passage on which the motorcycle entered the country ran out on the 5th August! Our understanding was that this would not be a great problem. How wrong we were........Turns out after the Carnet expires you have two weeks to get out of the country. So we turn up at the border only to get our baby impounded! It then takes us another week in Puno to find out that as far as they are concerned the bike is impounded forever and there is nothing they can do!

So we are now back in Lima and hoping that the British Embassy can help us get the bike back. We are throwing our selves at the mercy of the head customs officer in Lima. Needless to say we are feeling a little stupid at having got ourselves in to this situation but all we can do is wait and hope.

The good news is we now have time on our hands, which means we can get this site back up to date. Ecuador will be up in a couple of days followed by Peru. So watch this space.............. J&R

The most beautiful road in the world?

Sacred Valley near Cusco

17th May 2004

Thanks so much for all the fabulous messages and emails. It's great to hear from everyone. We have now added two more diaries and galleries covering Panama and Colombia.

We are still lurking in Quito but will be heading south in a few days.  J&R

2nd May 2004

Well we've finally made it to South America. We are now in Quito, Ecuador with a whole new continent before us. Sorry we've been so bad at keeping the site updated but there's loads of new stuff now and we've very nearly caught up with ourselves. Hoping to be right up to date very soon.

To keep the site more current between diary entries we are going to post our latest news on this page as often as we can, so keep checking in........it will change, promise! hahaha.

Thanks to all of you who've sent us emails and messages and kept looking all these months!

Apart from the changes listed below we have now added the Canopy tour video and maps. We have also added some links to the links page.

Sorry for so much at once but hope you like it.

And please keep the Guestbook. comments coming, we love 'em..


Lost in Honduras

25th April 2004

Ok, well we are finally starting to catch up with our selves. We have today added Diaries and Galleries 21 to 23 which takes us up to the border of Panama. Hope to add some video of the canopy tour in Costa Rica and get the Maps updated in the next couple of days. Meanwhile Jane is madly writing the rest of the diary to get us completely up to date.

Keep watching this space!



24th April 2004

Just added entries 16 to 20 more coming over the weekend.  J&R

Leaving Xcalak - MEXICO

11th April 2004

Wow! Doesn't time fly..... A million apologies to every one for taking so long to update the site. We will be making a few updates over the next few days as and when we get the new stuff ready. We hope to be up to date really soon.... So for now here are Diary entries 10 to 15 and their corresponding galleries. More soon.


8th December 2003

Seasons Greetings! We are currently still in Mexico. Our laptop decided to have a nervous breakdown. So we have been held up while sorting it out. It now looks like we will be spending Christmas in Guatemala. Still we are only a couple of months behind schedule, so nothing to worry about yet!

There is a new Diary and Gallery and we have updated the overall Map. Hopefully over Christmas we will fill in some of the blanks.

It has been great to read all your comments in the Guestbook. We really appreciate them, please feel free to keep them coming.

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year.

26th October 2003

Thank you all for your lovely comments so far. However I had to republish the site. This wiped the guestbook to date. I do have a backup of the comments made and will add them as soon as possible.

22nd October 2003

The rest of the diary pages have been added ( 1 to 8). New map (more to come later), more video clips. Trip info - now explains what is to come.  We really need feedback now, so that we can ensure everything is working before we send an email telling everyone that the site is ready. So please let us know if anything doesn't work etc.

For the curious - we are now in Loreto in Baja, Mexico. We have put our feet up here for a few days in order to sort ourselves out a bit and get this site up.......

21st October 2003

First two Diary pages have been added, more to come v soon...

We have also added some more pages, including Video, Contact Us etc. In fact all the links on the left should be working now. We have also added a Guestbook. So please feel free to leave your comments , good or bad. Especially if you find any part of the site is not working properly. We have only been able to test it on one internet cafe computer.

20th October 2003

Ok we're nearly there. We have finally got all our pictures sorted, so here they are. Diary entries and maps will be with you in the next couple of days. A few last editing bits to do. The rest will follow as and when!

Thanks for checking in and hope you like the pictures. Some may become clearer when you read the diary!