Jane & Richard Heaphy.

Recently married, British, 30 something’s on an extended honeymoon and big adventure.

Richard has ridden motorbikes since he was 16 and had done some touring in France before we met.

Our first big trip was 12 years ago in Australia where we bought a 12 year old Yamaha XS 1100 in Perth. Fitted a new engine in Darwin, and finally it died in Brisbane.

Since then we have pootled around Europe and dreamed of doing another big trip with better equipment!!

The plan is to start in Calgary, Canada and keep going south to Tierra del Fuego. We'll then fly the bike out of Buenos Aries. Exactly where to is yet to be confirmed. Maybe South Africa, maybe India or maybe just home to London.

"Still round the corner there may wait

A new road or secret gate,

And though I oft have passed them by,

A day will come at last when I

Shall take the hidden paths that run

West of the Moon, East of the Sun."

from a "walking song" in "Lord of the rings" by J.R.R Tolkein